About Rosa



Rosa Zubizarreta lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Her own healing journey has taken her on many paths, including becoming a certified Focusing professional; completing Level One in the Internal Family Systems model; and training intensively in Heart IQ with Christian Pankhurst. She also has a background in mindfulness practice, women's spirituality circles, and Family Constellations work.   


Work-wise, Rosa has been a translator, classroom teacher, curriculum writer, case manager, and  clinical social worker. Before all that, she has scooped ice-cream, cleaned houses, painted houses, and made jewelry. And in the last few decades, she has worked as a group facilitator, workshop leader, and organizational consultant. You can learn more about those aspects of her work at www.DiaPraxis.com.    


Born in Lima, Peru, from a Peruvian father and a Cuban mother, Rosa has lived in the United States since she was a child. In the last decade, she has traveled and taught in Europe, in Canada, in Chile, and throughout the U.S.

About the photos

All of the photos with people in them, are from a site-specific performance piece created by my friend Pooja Prema, in which I had the great pleasure to take part. For more info about her work, check out Rogue Angel Theatre. 

The top photo on this page was taken by my friend Pat Omidian. Three of the photos on the home page (the candle, the circle of trees, and the basket of apples) are stock photos. The sunflowers  are my own.