One-on-One Offerings

giving thanks...

A time for you

Time to be seen, heard, and held in the light of your own heart.  You can choose from among the following entry points, or we can create a customized way to enter into Mystery together. 

Embodying Collaborative Leadership

If you are a woman of heart and mind, the world needs you to step into your leadership. You have a vision you want to realize, and you need others to make this dream come true.... 

The challenges of collaborative leadership -- including how to step into our own authority, without becoming authoritarian -- can be a wonderful opportunity for growth, especially when we have support along the journey.  

Inner Relationship Coaching

Inner conflicts can be painful, and end up in stuckness . Yet any conflicts we experience, whether inner or outer, also hold enormous creative potential within them. As we honor and listen deeply to each part, energy is released and transformed . Growth arises unexpected ways, leading to new learnings and greater wholeness. 

Creativity Unblocked

Creativity is Life itself. And blocks to creativity are usually the external manifestation of some internal judgment, criticism or blame. Painful as they are, they can become  tremendous opportunities for growth and healing, as we learn ways to bring Caring-Loving Presence to all that is present within us. 

Accompanying the creative process is my heart's calling, and I do this with both groups and individuals. I would be honored to serve as sacred witness, gentle guide, and truthful companion for your unfolding journey.  

Sessions and Fees

Initial and in-depth sessions are 90 minutes. 

Can be in-person, phone, or zoom.

Fees are $150 per session. 

Discounted rate available of $400 for a set of three. 

Shorter sessions available for on-going clients.

Next steps

Contact me if you have any questions. 

And if you'd like to explore whether working together may be a fit, 

we can schedule a pro-bono 30 min discovery session. 

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